Pipilotti Rist

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Pipilotti Rist seems to use photography to create her art more than any other means. She also seems to have an obsession with distortions of the female body. A great amount of her art includes bleeding women, women missing body parts, women bent in unnatural ways and other such distortions of the female body.

I found most of Pipilotti’s work to be slightly disturbing. Although I was impressed with her skills in photography and and photo manipulation, her topics made me a little sick to my stomach. I must admit that I did not look at a whole lot of her work before I decided not to look any deeper. She is a skilled artist, but maybe a little too creepy.


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Cory Arcangel

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Cory’s art is mostly centered around programming and digital mediums. A lot of digital artists use digital means; however, Cory actually delves into the technical realm of the digital.  For example, one of his works of art included re-writing the Mario cartridge  for the Nintendo to only show the clouds. Another of his works was to take a Mario cartridge and make a fifteen minute short movie portraying a more emotionally distraught Mario.

I find Cory’s art to be interesting. The taking of cartridges and creating a form of art from it using programming is simply great. At the beginning of the semester I defined digital fine art as any use of technology that is highly skilled, and I believe Cory fits that definition.