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Paul Pfeiffer

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Paul Pfeiffer was born in 1966 in the wonderful state of Hawaii. He is an artist that works mostly with videos instead of traditional art means. A large amount of his work includes taking videos that are not his and putting new spins. For example, in one of his works he finds a video tape of a boxing match and he edits out the boxer so you can only see the crowd.

I found Paul to be an interesting artist. However, I was not very drawn to his work or his style in the videos I did find. I found his work to be dry in comparison to the works of Bill Viola and other artists we have looked at this year. This being said, he did have a few pieces of work that I really enjoyed despite my original disinterest. For example: “The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse” was very visually appealing. In conclusion, although I was not a huge fan, Paul obviously has talent when it comes to digital fine arts, especially in reference to video editing.

Muybridge Excersize

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Bill Viola is a renowned modern artist whose work can be seen all over the globe. The majority of Viola’s images seem serene and delicate. He seems to have a knack capturing moments in time and freezing them for a viewer to gaze upon.

Bill Viola is does a fantastic job of freezing time. He uses water quite a bit in order to accentuate how frozen the time is. Even the drops of water are frozen and standing against time and gravity. Viola’s pictures give a sense of serenity and peace when they are viewed. Especially when viewing a piece with water, I felt refreshed and relieved as though the world could wait and time was once again on my side. Viola does an excellent job of creating quality art that appeals to the viewer. I’m extremely glad I was able to let my eyes rest upon it this semester.

Jenny Holzer

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Jenny focuses on using text as a form of art. She uses scenery that seems to come from fantasy to create an unreal reality and inserts text into them. Her use of text often creates a huge sense of balance as well as connecting the audience to the work.

I found Jenny’s art to be fresh and liberating. Her art not only stands out as exceptionally beautiful eye-candy, but it is mentally stimulating. I imagine that each piece of her work captivates the viewer for an extended period of time. I found her work to be among the best visual art I’ve looked at all semester.

Photos Describing Space

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Personal Space:

Owned Space:

Work Space:

The Space Key:

Reflected Space:

Outer Space:

The space between genders:

Emotional Space:

3-D Space:

The space between ages:

Blank Space:

Empty Space:

MySpace! (or facebook):

Musical Space Between Notes:

Space in a Vacuum:

The Space Inside:

Open Space:

Space Between Two Objects:

Space That Defines Size:

The Void of Space in Your Soul:

Jeff Baij

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Jeff Baij definitely has a unique and comical view on art. He shows humor throughout his site from The Thomas Moody Curmudgeon Watch to Still Life with Lobsters to Failed Attempts at Making Glow in the Dark Daleks. Jeff obviously has fun doing what he does and is good at it. Earlier this year, I defined digital fine arts as “the skilled use of technology.” And I believe Jeff Baij fits this catagory.

My personal favorite work of Jeff’s is his “Failed Attempts at Making Glow in the Dark Daleks.” As a Doctor Who fan myself, I can’t help but to enjoy it. He created great models and the sound bites made it that much more interesting. I also enjoyed his “Doing Photoshop” tutorials where he shows off his skill and comfort in the area of photoshop. Jeff is probably one of the more interesting artists that we have looked at thus far, and I’m glad we had the chance to look at his work.