Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij definitely has a unique and comical view on art. He shows humor throughout his site from The Thomas Moody Curmudgeon Watch to Still Life with Lobsters to Failed Attempts at Making Glow in the Dark Daleks. Jeff obviously has fun doing what he does and is good at it. Earlier this year, I defined digital fine arts as “the skilled use of technology.” And I believe Jeff Baij fits this catagory.

My personal favorite work of Jeff’s is his “Failed Attempts at Making Glow in the Dark Daleks.” As a Doctor Who fan myself, I can’t help but to enjoy it. He created great models and the sound bites made it that much more interesting. I also enjoyed his “Doing Photoshop” tutorials where he shows off his skill and comfort in the area of photoshop. Jeff is probably one of the more interesting artists that we have looked at thus far, and I’m glad we had the chance to look at his work.

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