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Digital Arts

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In one of my original posts, I mentioned that digital art is the use of technology with skill. Now that I have taken this class, I realize that digital arts is so much more. Digital art can include using technology with skill, but it also includes another vast range of art. Now that I have completed this class, I realize that digital art is any expression of art that can be shown digitally. Even something as classic as the Mona Lisa can be shown as digital art when placed in a digital environment.

The discoveries in this class have been amazing. The simplicity and the complexity of the art I have seen this semester has forever changed my view. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to be drawn out of my cave of linear vision into an entire new world of creation and expression. Digital art is truly an amazing site to behold.

Stephen Vitiello

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According to Wikipedia, Stephen started out as guy who played punk guitar and became a renowned sound artist. As a sound artist, he does a fantastic job at connecting with the audience. There are a lot of light-bulb moments when listening to his work while seeing it in the proper installation.  For example, when you look at his color series, he creates a room that is lit with only a single color and plays a sound that he believes portrays the color best. And often times, as the audience, I had to stop and think, “wow, that is totally what that color sounds like!”

I have to say that when it comes to sound art, Stephen has me hooked. He has created his art using everything from recorded conversations, instruments, movie productions, background noise, and artificially created sounds. Stephen obviously puts a ton of effort into each of his creations. For example, he recorded background noise that came from his window in the World Trade Center for six months in order to create his art. The time and effort put into each project shows greatly to the audience and his talents are not overlooked.